Compliments of the House Launch Event

Last night in the event space at 3Space International House Compliments of the House, who are based on the Community Initiatives Floor, celebrated the next stage of their venture as they open their hugely successful operation in Brixton Village.

This not for profit organisation, which started in Brixton, has implemented a tried and tested model whereby they will collect surplus food from commercial businesses every day in Brixton and distribute it free of charge to those most in need from a retail space in the Village.

Every year 7.2 million tonnes of food is wasted, of that 4.4 million tonnes could have been eaten. The initiative aims to reduce food waste and promote a greener attitude, whilst simultaneously fostering a safe and community-orientated space open to all. COTH also offers volunteering places to its regular visitors and encourages work placements in local businesses.

The event was attended by Lambeth councillors and the Mayor who all praised the hard work of COTH, and by a few of their regulars who highlighted how this not for profit was going deeper than simply providing a hot meal.

Find them in Brixton Village Monday-Friday between 7pm-9pm.