The Power of Apprenticeships for Creative and Digital Industries

This morning over pastries and coffee WhiteHat and Lambeth Council spoke to local businesses about providing exciting professional opportunities for young Lambeth residents and the support networks in place for those who do so.

The breakfast presentation focussed on the power of apprenticeships for the creative and digital industries, and with video production companies, architects and some of our very own 3Space tenants attending we’re really excited to see what prospects grow from this. After the presentation was a networking break out with the council answering further questions on how they can work with businesses to support any apprenticeship offers. We’re very happy to be using our event space at 3Space International House for such talks that encourage community and youth engagement with smaller business and it’s part of our continued cooperation with Lambeth Council to provide a space to do so.   

All of the leftover food was passed on to “Compliments of the House”, a not for profit based on International House’s Community Initiatives Floor, who will redistribute it for free from Brixton Village to local people.

This post will be updated shortly with how to find out more information about apprenticeships, if you missed the breakfast.