Restart Party @ 3Space!

Do you have any broken electronics? Join The Restart Project on the 25th of June from 6:30pm-9pm in the Ground Floor events space to learn how to fix it! This is your chance to bring along a broken electronic device (from troublesome toasters to problematic phones) and learn how to diagnose and repair faults with your own and other peoples appliances. This event is FREE for anyone to join - just turn up!

They are also hosting a Rosie Restart Project on the 26th of June solely for women and non-binary people! 

The Restart Project was born in 2013 out of our frustration with the throwaway, consumerist model of electronics and the growing mountain of e-waste that it’s leaving behind. They bring people together to share skills giving people a hands-on way of making a difference. Their network has worked on 11,750 devices, preventing 17 tons of e-waste and 270 tons of CO2 emissions, while gaining insights on barriers to repair.

Location: 3Space International House, Ground Floor Event Space