Neil Kenlock | Lost Legacies of the British Black Panthers - 19th July - 30th August

GIVE partner, Photofusion have a new exciting exhibition of the prolific, Jamiacan-born Windrush photographer, Neil Kenlock. Hosted over two Brixton locations, 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning and Photofusion, the exhibition showcases photographs that evidence the struggles of the Windrush Generation through portraits and civil protest photography. 

The dual site exhibition tells a story and history, portraying the community activism alive in Brixton during the 1970s and ‘80s. Photofusion displays portraits of the civil rights leaders, lawyers, activists and community icons of the time, while 198 hosts images of defining moments in the history of the civil rights struggle. Each site, at its core, represents the hopes and hardships of a generation.

Located on our 2nd Floor, Photofusion have been based in Brixton since 1991. As London’s largest independent photography resource centre, they provide the community with educational programmes and workshops as well as a full exhibition program and darkroom and digital print services. 

Entry to Photofusion is Via Brixton Recreation Centre on Brixton Station Road.