Monthly MoneyJar Meetups at 3Space

Last month, MoneyJar hosted the first in a series of free workshops, ‘Keeping your Money: An Introduction to Investing’ in collaboration with our GIVE partners Business Launchpad on our Youth Innovation Hub

The event, aimed at young entrepreneurs, explored the basics of investing in funds and company shares, how the stock market works, and how to grow your personal wealth sustainably over time. 

MoneyJar is an organisation set up to support people with their personal finances and investments through 121 financial coaching, educational workshops and financial literacy for children. 

The next event will take place on 27th August, covering the best apps to make your money work for you, ‘Fantastic Money Apps and Where to Find Them’. Over the course of the evening, MoneyJar will discuss tips and tricks to help you manage your money including personal finance, saving on holidays and travel and how to earn money back on things you would normally buy. 

Following this, on September 24th, will be the third monthly meetup of the series at 3Space, ‘Making your First Investment’. This event will cover a step-by-step guide to investing including how to sign up to an investment platform to make your first investment. 

All events are free of charge and include drinks, refreshments and a relaxed atmosphere.