Give Hubs


Four Give Hubs including free space for local non-profits in Community Initiatives, Open Studios by Assemble, and Youth Entrepreneurship by Business Launchpad

Looking for Buy space including Fixed Desks & Private Offices ยป


Community Iniatives

Office and event space available free of charge for local charities, non-profits and social enterprises. Organisations must be based in Lambeth or deliver programs which directly benefit Lambeth residents. Apply here by 16th November 2018

Open Studios by Assemble

Affordable studios available to rent. Assemble are a multidisciplinary collective working across architecture, design and art which will provide support and collaboration opportunities.  They are particularly interested in applications for use of the studios from Lambeth residents.

Future Workspace Deposit Scheme.

This scheme applies only to those organisations eligible for free of charge space with a team of more than 2 and who plan to use the space more than twice a week.  You will be required to put down a small monthly deposit which will be held until you decide to leave,  and to be used to assist with the rent of your next office space.

Youth Entrepreneurship By Business Launchpad

Office and meeting space available free of charge for young Lambeth people wanting to start a business. The activity on the floor and mentoring and business support opportunities will be coordinated by Business Launchpad 

Local Guide Program

To be announced soon