For every space bought one is given away

BuyGiveWork means that we give away space when space is bought. Rent from those buying goes to providing space for diversity, inclusiveness and innovation, and to supporting those who are too often priced-out of cities.

All tenants have the opportunity to work, learn and interact with the Give Hubs - each employee dedicates an hour of their time a month to supporting others in the building, often through skill sharing, attending an event or mentoring - activities which are coordinated by 3Space.


5 Give Hubs include space for community events, youth entrepreneurship, community initiatives, a textiles workshop and a centre for photography services. These hubs are spread over five floors. To find out more about these opportunities and our partner organisations see the links below:

Ground Floor Events and Project Space

1st Floor Youth Entrepreneurship Hub

2nd Floor Photography Centre

6th Floor Community Initiatives

8th Floor Fabric Floor


Businesses here are purpose driven, they are wanting to grow in a way that benefits their stakeholders and society. We wouldn’t be able to deliver the Give spaces without their support. There are a mixture of tenants, from freelancers to high growth businesses of over 60 employees predominately working in tech, architecture and the creative industries. These are spread over 5 floors and if you’re interested in becoming a member please contact us to arrange a viewing.

3rd Floor Shared Offices

4th Floor Architecture

5th Floor Architecture & Tech

7th Floor Shared Offices

9th Floor TV Production & VR


3Space International House is open to all. Once completed the Buy and Give floors will have a space to come together and never before have the amazing views at the top of this building been open to the public. The top two floors will provide a place for all to work from during the day, with plenty of free to use coworking spaces provided, and to socialise in the evening. More details, including an events and talks programme, will be announced soon.